Adrian’s Monday Starter : 21

What I’m watching: 10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation via Ted Talks.

What I’m reading: You’re Not Going to Believe What I’m About to Tell You by The Oatmeal.

What I’m not doing: Eating breakfast. Well my first meal for the day is between 12pm and 2pm depending on what time I have my last meal the night before. So that’s when I have my breakfast. Yes, I fast. Everyday. I’ve been doing this since 2012. It’s NOT a diet. It’s just the way I live. I haven’t been sick for 5 years. What’s the science behind it? There are a lot of articles on the web but you can start here and here. Thank me later.

Go see: Alien Convenant — Even if you’re not a fan of the Alien series this is a worthy sequel to the prequel - Prometheus. Not many people liked it but I loved that film. I forget how terrifying it is! I’ll watch anything by Ridley Scott.

A quote I’m pondering on: “Nothing will give us more meaning in life than to know that we matter for others.” — Esther Perel

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