30 Days 30 Films Project // Day 15

I managed to catch up with our neighbour Kevin this morning before the rain set in. There was a brief moment of sunshine.  I did a photo story of Kevin a couple of years ago here. Kevin lives on his own with his 11-year old dog Billie. He showed me this path along the creek where he used to play as a kid and catch yabbies. At the end of our walk, he showed me a very old photograph of his parents and grandmother standing in front of the house he is still living in.

Music by Jason Shaw.

30 Days 30 Films Project // Day 12

I started the day shooting two different ideas. Abandoned both. Ran out of time and at the last minute captured footage of us making pizza for dinner. It’s not terribly creative but I’m learning how to use LUTs and colour-grade.

Music by Serge Quadrado.

30 Days 30 Films Project // Day 11

My mother-in-law, Lola. Her name also happens to be the Filipino word for grandmother. So my son calls my mum “Lola” and he calls Lola, “Nan”.

Music by Serge Quadrado.

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